Located just minutes from Lake Nokomis, Lake Hiawatha and Minnehaha Creek, Northrop Urban Environmental Learning Center offers excellent opportunities to explore the natural world in the city.  We provide extensive hands-on and outdoor learning to trigger your child's sense of wonder, and enable them to make discoveries on their own.  We believe this personal empowerment is the bridge to a life-long thirst for knowledge. Come see for yourself!

Selection Committee Members and Input

As we approach the upcoming principal selection process, the Northrop staff and parents who have been selected for the interview committee are as following:

Miriam Deskin (parent), Kate Seager (parent), Megan Wagner (parent), Charlie Christopherson (parent), Jen Cash (parent), Frank Dominguez (4th grade teacher), Carolyn Serrano (3rd grade teacher), Brenda Hennen (school secretary), Laura Stoneberg (K grade teacher / union representative), Paul Marietta (Associate Superintendent)

Through both PTA meetings as well as through the online survey, some key attributes have been identified by the Northrop community as important for the next leader of this school.  Those include:

Effective and open communicator

Seeks to build relationships with staff, students and families

Visible and engaged with all stakeholders

Champion of educational equity

Collaborator who brings people and groups with multiple viewpoints together on common goal

Displays empathetic listening with all stakeholders

Builds capacity in others through support and empowerment

Understands how to work within the Minneapolis Public School system

Has an emphasis on the environmental focus of Northrop

Effective problem solver

We encourage parents to offer their input regarding any additional qualities they desire in a new leader.  Feel free to contact the selection committee members directly or email myself (paul.marietta@mpls.k12.mn.us) with any questions or concerns you may have.  All information will be brought forth to the selection committee to be taken into consideration in regards to the hiring of the new principal. 


Paul Marietta, Associate Superintendent

Followup Letter from Associate Superintendent

Thank you for your patience and understanding yesterday and today with the change of leadership at Northrop school. We agree that the timing of the transition is less than ideal and sincerely apologize for the potential for stress with the students and community. In order to clear up any misconceptions, we want to be clear that Ms. Tara FitzGerald will continue to be a leader in the Minneapolis Public Schools. There was no egregious act by Ms. FitzGerald that resulted in this transition and your students were never at risk. The timeline of this move is predicated on what is best for the students at Northrop, the staff and school community, and the interests of Ms. Fitzgerald. 

Followup Letter from Associate Superintendent

Letter from Associate Superintendent

This letter is to inform you that Tara FitzGerald will be transitioning out of her role as principal at Northrop Community School. This transition will be effective immediately. We thank Ms. FitzGerald for her work on behalf of the students at Northrop. There will be a substitute leader, Jasper Johnson, in place effective Monday.

Rally Around Northrop

3rd Annual Rally Around Northrop

5K Run, 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk and Community Festival at Northrop Urban Environmental Learning Center. Sponsored by the Northrop PTA.

Saturday, June 4, 2016
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Rally Around Northrop Registration Form

Naturally Northrop - May Edition

Click HERE for our May edition of the Naturally Northrop Newsletter.

Northrop Summer School

June 13th - July 21st

From 9:15 am - 3:15 pm

Grades K-4: Wenonah (612) 668-5040

Grade 5: Keewaydin (612) 668-4670

The application process has closed.  At this point, any students will automatically be put on a wait list and are not guaranteed a bust stop for the first few weeks of summer school.  Families will have to work with existing bus stops.  Transportation information will be mailed home to families in June.  If you move or change daycare address during the summer: Call transportation at (612) 668-2300.