Northrop Community School At-a-Glance

Northrop Main Phone Number: 612-668-4520

Northrop 24 Hour Attendance Phone Number: 612-668-4524

Minneapolis Kids Phone Number: 612-668-4538

Principal: Amy Kettunen Jahnke

Principal Direct Phone Number: 612-668-4521



Call the attendance line by 10:00 AM every day your child will not be in school. You may call ahead of time or send a note to the health office if you know your child will not be in school for an extended period of time.



Breakfast is free for all students at Northrop. Breakfast begins at 8:45 AM each day


Student Arrival

We welcome students to breakfast at 8:45 AM each day. To ensure students safety and security, students who arrive to school before 8:45 AM are asked to stay in our front lobby with a parent or guardian until breakfast. Students who choose not to eat breakfast will be dismissed to their classrooms at 8:55 AM. We cannot dismiss students to classrooms earlier than this time because we do not have supervision in our classrooms and hallways until 8:55 AM. Students who are dropped off by parents and guardians enter through door 13 on 43rd Street due to bus drop off on 31st Avenue South.


Classroom Hours Kindergarten-5th Grade 9:10 AM-3:40 PM

Make sure you child(ren) are at school in time to hang their coats, gather their materials, and get to class before 9:10 AM each day. Students must sign in at the health office and get a pass if they arrive to school after 9:10 AM.



Student lunches are $2.10, which includes milk. Students may purchase milk only for $.40. Adult lunches are $2.40.


Early dismissal

Send a note with your child to give the main office stating the time your child needs to be dismissed (or call the main office if the need for early dismissal from school that day is unexpected). When picking up your child, sign your child out in the main office on the clipboard on the counter in the main office. The office will call your child from the classroom when you arrive.


Dismissal at the End of the Day

Our primary goal at dismissal is to ensure the safety of all of our students to buses, MPLS kids, after school classes, and our parent pick-up location. Parents and guardians enter through door 13 on 43rd Street for Parent Pick-Up. Door 13 is opened at 3:35 PM and adults may wait in the hallway until the gym doors are opened. Parents enter the gym at 3:40 PM once staff and students have transitioned from their classrooms. 


Parent/Visitor/Volunteer Sign-in

For the safety of all of our children, all adults will be asked to sign in at the office when you enter the building and to sign out when you leave. Every adult mist wear a visitor badge in the building


Students Must Bring a note from home if they will be:

  • doing something at the end of the day that is not their normal routine
  • attending after school classes
  • staying at school for Scouts
  • taking a different bus home
  • bringing a friend home on their bus (a note is necessary from both families)
  • not taking the bus that day