Welcome to Room #102

Welcome to Room 102!

Please check out our birthday slideshow throughout the year towards the bottom of our page.

Upcoming Events:

January Birthdays: Devin,Aidan (half), Cate (half), Myonna (half), Stella (half), Fnan (half)  December 24 - January 4 = NO  SCHOOL/Winter Break

January 14 = Roller Skate Night at the Roller Gardens

January 18 = book orers due

January 21 = No School/MLK Day

January 24-25 = No School/ Record Keeping Day and Teacher PDP Day

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please contact me right away. I am here for you and for your student, and with your cooperation, we will both make sure to provide your student with the best possible education we can. =)
~Kristina Ebert


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SOARing Duck Winners!
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