Welcome to Room #102

Welcome to Room 102!

Hello everyone! Please be sure to visit the different links that can be found on this page to be sure that you are up to date on the ins and outs of Room 102.

Upcoming Events:

EVERY DAY IN MAY AND JUNE IS FUN! - Please see the document below for a list of activiies.


READATHON: 5/8 = 3rd grade wear yellow, 5/9 = Guest Author, Wed = Book SWAP, Thurs = WOW Day, Fri = D.E.A.R. - Pleadges and Reading logs due 5/15

May 12: LAST ever book order due

May 155: Pledges and Reading Logs due

May 18: 2nd and 3rd grade concert 2:15pm-3:15pm

June 2: Arboretum (10:3pam-3:00pm)

Book Levels: To find a book at your students level, please visit the "Book Level" link at the bottom and follow these instructions...1) Top right of website selecet "Guided Reading System", 2)Type in the title, author, or

keyword, hit search.

While reading with your student, please feel free to check out our Coaching Handbook below. It offers different strategies to use when your student is stuck on a word.  Have your student teach you how to use it.

Click here to access Read Naturally/Live

- You can also download the app: 1) Search Read Naturally Live, 2) enter webcose: 00031852

Click here to access Storia.


If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please contact me right away. I am here for you and for your student, and with your cooperation, we will both make sure to provide your student with the best possible education we can. =)
~Kristina Ebert


Book Level


High/Low Temperature

PDF Reading Coaching Handbook   --  While reading with your student, feel free to use these coaching strategies.