Jill Loesch
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Advanced Differentiation Specialist

My name is Jill Loesch.  I received my BS in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University-Moorhead in 1997.  I am licensed PREK-6.  I started teaching in MPS in 1997. During my time in Minneapolis I have had the great pleasure of teaching High5, Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and was a reading resource teacher for grades 1-6.  In 2014, I left the classroom for the first time to pursue the opportunity to work with teachers to provide instructional practices and strategies for differentiation in the classroom.

I am Northrop's Instructional and Advanced Differentiation Specialist.  I will be co-planning and co-teaching with teachers at Northrop to build capacity to differentiate for Advanced Learners across all content areas throughout the day.  This means all learners, including learners that need high challenge, will have their academic needs met within the classroom setting.

My educational philosophy is a process over product approach.  Progress is made through many attempts and failures which build the neurological connections needed to cement learning and critical thinking skills.  Advanced learners are at risk for a fixed mindset around their learning, meaning they associate their result and/or abilities to being smart.  I will be working closely throughout the year with learners, staff, and parents to move into a growth mindset about how we learn and that mistakes and effort are ok when growing one's learning.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband Jason and our two children Max (8th grader at Ramsey) and Elliana (5th grader at Whittier IB).  I am both a teacher and parent in MPS, so I know and understand the importance of having the right challenge for every scholar's learning success.

I look forward to partnering with you!  Feel free to contact me with any questions about advanced differentiation at Northrop, or the identification process that MPS uses to determine advanced learners.