I have been teaching in Minneapolis since 1984. I taught at Webster Open School for 21 years as a classroom teacher in grades 3-5 and as a Title 1 Resource teacher in grades K-8. I also taught Spanish as a second language and Spanish literacy to native speakers. I moved to Northrop in 2005 because Webster was closing. I chose Northrop because of the Environmental Education program.  Teaching children about the natural world is important to me.  I have a beautiful classroom with lots of natural light.  I have wonderful students and I love third grade!

I was born and raised in south Minneapolis. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Spanish and completed my Masters degree in Second Languages and Cultures.  I am grateful to be able to communicate with our Spanish-speaking parents.

During a half year sabbatical in 2010, I organized a year-long nature curriculum that integrates nature study with language arts and science.  I completed 80 hours of the Master Naturalist program.   I  also became a Partner Teacher with Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge that allows our classroom to visit the refuge three times a year for free.  

My husband's name is Ray and we have a dog named Lucy.  Both of them visit our classroom regularly to listen to students read.   I am a true dog lover.  I volunteer at Minneapolis Animal Control walking dogs.  Working with abandoned animals is challenging, but rewarding. I would like to eventually devote more time to helping rescued animals.

The best way to reach me is through e-mail since I do not regularly check voice mail.  You may also call the office before 9:00 AM  at 612-668-4520. They will connect you to my room.