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Northrop School  is a K-5 school located in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood of Minneapolis. 

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Northrop Community School Overview

Flex Day

Starting on Friday, December 11, the Northrop student day will be from 9:10-11:40am.  This is only on Fridays and is the result of an MPS plan to improve student achievement.  Teachers will have more time to plan for instruction which should lead to better outcomes for students.  Each Friday will consist of a Morning Meeting, small group work, and an asynchronous specialist lesson.

Northrop Health Office Webpage

Check out the Northrop Health Office Page. This Google site has lots of information about Covid and more. Check it out and reach out to Jenny, LSN or Donna, HSA with any questions or concerns.

Northrop School Tours

Unfortunately, due to COVID, tours of Northrop are currently on hold.  Please check back here for updated information as it becomes available.  We would like to have you visit as soon as possible!

Please Return Library Books

Please return any Northrop library books.  There will be a cart inside the main entrance where library books can be left.  If youhave any questions, please email Ms. Laura at  Thank you!


Coffee with the Principal

“Coffee with the Principal” will take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:30-10:30am (See meeting information below).  The purpose of these meetings is for Principal Uhler to be available to answer questions you may have.  Please join for five minutes or the whole time if you are interested.

Topic: Coffee with the Principal
Time: Feb. 3     09:30 AM 
Please check back for connecting information right before the meeting begins.
Ms. Sam's Social Work Page

Check out this link to the Northrop Social Work Page. This Google site has links to Ms. Sam’s virtual office and a variety of resources for families and students!

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Fall 2020 Specialist Newsletter
Friday, October 23, 2020 2:15 PM

Click here to read about how students can connect with specialist teachers during distance learning.

School Improvement Plan (SIP)
Friday, September 25, 2020 3:45 PM

Northrop School Improvement Plan 2020-21

Back To School Safety Tips
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 4:15 PM

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