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Mr. Jungwirth

Meet Mr. Jungwirth

Welcome to Room 106! 

Mr.J. is in a new classroom at Northrop!

Welcome to a classroom full of opportunities to have fun and meet a variety of challenges!

Students can expect to be focused on:

  • Fun
  • Responsibility
  • Growing as a learner by finding your growth mindset 

Because of our student community of awesome learners, Room 106 promises to be a great place for 3rd-grade learners during the 2021-2022 school year!

We will have a very busy schedule during our school year connecting to the following areas:
Units will focus on these essential questions:
  1. Why do people participate in government?
  2. How do our actions influence our lives?
  3. How do living things adapt to change?
  4. What makes people view the same experience in different ways?
  5. What is the value of innovation?
  6. What helps us solve problems?
  7.  What is a community?
  8. How can we predict the unknown?
  9. What do our economic choices tell us about ourselves?
  10. How does understanding science help us achieve our goals?   


Units will focus on:

Unit 1: Graphing     Unit 2: Numbers to 1,000     Unit 3: Equal Groups     

Unit 4: Pieces and Parts (fractions)     Unit 5: Polygons and Measurement     

Unit 6: Algebra     Unit 7: Numbers to 100,000     Unit 8: More Equal Groups

Social Studies:
Students will acquire critical understandings by connecting to lessons aligned to:

Unit 1: Mapping My World     Unit 2: My Community USA

Unit 3: Ancient Civilizations in America, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean

Unit 4: Economics in Our Community

Science: (in order)

Unit 1: Structures of Life           Unit 2: Physics of Sound

Unit 3: Matter and Energy         Unit 4: Sun and Moon


Mr.J. loves to read!  He is also a K-12 Licensed Reading Teacher.


Our classroom is ready for you!


Our classroom is well set up for you to be an active learner!

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4315 31st Ave S
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Main Office
(612) 668-4520
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