MUSIC- Mrs. Amy Meenk

I am so happy to continue to be part of the team of professionals educating your child at Northrop Community School.  This is my 21st year teaching music to young students and my 4th year teaching at Northrop. Prior to teaching at Northrop, I was Director of Bands at both the elementary and middle school levels guiding students on their instrumental music journey in the full band classroom.  Teaching a child how to learn independently, solve problems, be creative, and feel excited about learning are my most important job descriptions.

My primary performing instrument is the flute. Over the years, however, I have acquired the ability to demonstrate good tone quality and correct technique on every wind band instrument.  Most recently, I've started to learn to play the ukelele! :) 

I welcome your valuable input, suggestions, and feedback about how I can best serve your child, this school and its community.  Feel free to contact me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your child in music class.  The best way to reach me is email;


Music Education Links

RHYTHM BANDIT- (game)- identify the note value and add them together

INCREDIBOX- Mix music; Express your musicality

BEATLAB- create your own beats

JAMSTUDIO- the online music factory



JUSTIN GUITAR- online guitar lessons 




Classics For Kids- Treble Clef note name game

MusicTheory.Net- Note reading in bass and treble clef and much more music theory exercises

Speed Note Reading Tutor- note reading game

Drum Tracks for Jam/Practice- List of over 300 free drum only backing tracks – sorted by genre and tempo

TED-ED; A Different Way to Visualize Rhythm-" John Varney describes the ‘wheel method’ of tracing rhythm and uses it to take us on a musical journey around the world."

Boost Memory and Learning With Music

TED-ED- How playing an instrument benefits your brain.

TED-ED- How to read music


Music Standards & Curriculum

The State and National Standards are listed below.  Both sets of standards work well together.

The MN State Standards are listed as:

  • Foundations
  • Create
  • Perform
  • Respond

Click here to see the new 2014 National Standards 

The OLD National Standards were:

3.1 Sing
3.2 Perform on Instruments
3.3 Improvise
3.4 Compose & Arrange
3.5 Read & Notate
3.6 Listen & Analyze
3.7 Evaluate
3.8 Relationships between Music, the Other Arts and Disciplines Outside the Arts
3.9 History & Culture

  Northrop's Expectations in All Settings


PDF Concert Etiquette-Audience   --  Everyone plays a role in creating a positive concert experience.
PDF Standards Poster - State Focus   --  This poster shows how the National Standards fit into the MN State Standards.
PDF Standards Poster - National Focus   --  This poster shows how the MN State Standards fit into the National Standards.
PDF Music Scope & Sequence   --  While an older document, it is still a good one-page reference that is fairly accurate to what students are learning in class.
PDF MN Arts Standards   --  This is the current working version of the MN Standards in the Arts.