Northrop PTA


The Northrop Parent Teacher Association (PTA) believes when a parent is involved in their child's school, ALL children benefit. All parents and staff are encouraged to get involved in the PTA.

The PTA is dedicated to help build a strong school community and improve the quality of education at Northrop.  This is done through sponsoring social and cultural activities and by raising funds for school activities, classroom and media supplies, and recognition for our fabulous teachers and staff.  


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March meeting canceled due to COVID-19 situation

Next meeting: Thursday, April 30th (moved to 5th Thursday, due to Northrop Night Out on 4/23)

EVERYONE is welcome to attend our monthly PTA meetings on the 4th Thursday of each month in the media center from 6:30-7:45pm.  FREE child care is provided in the gym. Click here for the slides for the meeting.


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Please contact us if you can help at any of the events below or would like more information on how you can help. It's even more fun when you sign up with friends to join you! 


  • Our current board members are on their last year of their 2-year term.  We will need new board members for the 2020-2021 through 2021-2022 school year (2-year term).  This is a great opportunity to be part of the Northrop community, engage in your child's education, and continue the strength of doing wonderful things for Northrop and the staff.  For more information, please refer to the descriptions and current board members here.  Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the officer positions. Elections will be in April.
  • In addition, we need someone to conduct a financial review. This is a requirement, under the MN PTA Universal Bylaws.  Are you interested or know someone who would love to help us? Perhaps a retired grandparent that was a CPA or accounting skills. Please contact us if interested. 


  • No Sell Fundraiser will run the entire month of March
    • “No Sell Fundraiser” is just as it sounds. We’re raising money for OUR SCHOOL and 100% of the funds donated go to benefit Northrop, the kids and the staff. No products, no gimmicks and no delivering of stuff. Afterall, we are a school with an environmental focus. People will feel good knowing the money they give all goes to where it should...Northrop!
    • Each year, Northrop PTA provides every licensed specialist and classroom teacher with a stipend of $250 plus a field trip bus stipend of $50! (Field trip bus stipends are for classrooms only.) This is the largest budgeted expenditure the PTA has each year. Other highlighted PTA spending from your generous donations in past years have paid for the front entry mosaic, bike pump station, a classroom set of snowshoes, climbing wall, new upgraded sound system, and musical instruments.
    • Minneapolis Public Schools made cuts again to each school’s budget. The PTA stipend allows each teacher to purchase items or activities to enrich our children’s learning experience! Let’s support our teachers!
    • All donations will directly benefit Northrop and our students. We are seeking to raise $6,000! Please donate: $5, $20, $50, or as much as you can - make checks payable to Northrop PTA or donate online here. Donations of $100+ will receive a Northrop Spirit Pack! Thank you for your generosity.
  • ***CANCELLED, DUE TO COVID-19 PTA meeting on Thursday, March 19th from 6:30pm - 7:45pm in the media center
    • FREE childcare
    • Topics of discussion: school budget and CDD (guest: Nelson Inz)
    • Let us know if you have any topics you'd like added to the agenda


  • ***CANCELLED, DUE TO COVID-19 Kids Night Out @ Rainbow Play System on Thursday, April 2nd (during spring break) from 6:30pm - 9pm in Bloomington
    • Limit 100 school aged kids, must register here (link removed due to event canceled)
    • Snacks will be provided, please bring a water bottle for child
    • If cost is a concern, please contact Principal Woods or email Northrop PTA
  • Northrop Night Out will be on Thursday, April 23rd at Venn Brewery in the evening

    • If you'd like to help us gather donations, see attached letter
    • To join the planning committee, please email Jill Carlton

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 A few exciting projects PTA funded in the last couple of years:

  • Outdoor classroom with log benches & birch trees
  • Upgraded sound system for gym
  • Ukuleles for music class
  • Entryway mosaic art mural by Angela Talle
  • New hydration systems (waiting for installation)
  • Staff lounge enhancements
  • Bike fixit station
  • Classroom set of snowshoes
  • Lost and Found Organizer
  • New rock climbing wall in the gym 
climbing wall