Creativity stARTs here

Hello families! My name is Mrs. Sookdeo and I have been a part of the Northrop community since 2017. I am originally from Trinidad West Indies where I first taught high school Architectural, Engineering, and Mechanical Drawing. After moving to Minnesota, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design from The Art Institutes International Minnesota and a Master of Education Degree in Visual Art Education from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining Northrop, I taught art in grades K-4 at St. Paul Academy and Summit Lower School and Pre-K through 5 in the Minnetonka public school district.

My art class will cover standards-based content which will emphasize on cultivating student’s skills that includes creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Projects will encompass different aspects of art that will connect with the elements and principles of design and your child will learn about different artists and art techniques. My approach is a discipline-based art education, which will focus on:


  • Visual Thinking Strategies, Critique & Art history: by looking at art to learn about other cultures, places, artists, works of art and art styles.

  • Aesthetics: by talking about art to discuss meanings, ideas, feelings, and moods.

  • Art Production: making art to create expressive visual images.   

My goal is to make art a fun, productive and successful experience for your child. I am committed to fostering a safe, positive environment to help children’s creativity thrive and to promoting lifelong habits of mind that can enable them to extend their learning even further. Your child's art will be kept safe in the art room and for display reasons. All art will be sent home periodically throughout the year.

Come in and visit the art room anytime. I look forward to a wonderful year of art!


“Anything You Can Imagine Is Real” ~ Pablo Picasso




PDF Anchor Standards and Strands   --  The Art standards are based on the artistic processes of: Creating, Presenting, Responding, Connecting.
PDF K-5 Visual Arts - Units & Learning Targets   --  The Learning targets aligns with the State and National Art Standards.