Homework(other than projects) is assigned everyday.  Monday through Thursday our students have a variety of homework assignments based upon what we are doing in class. 

  • Students will periodically have MATH homework that consists of an Investigations page, or other practice of work done in class.
  • Additionally, on  Mondays and Thursdays there will be SPELLING work for Friday's post test. 
  • Students generally have READING homework, including vocabulary words from their reading groups and from homeroom, as well. 
  • Students are expected to read at least 20 minutes per day, everyday. They record their reading on a READING LOG they receive every Friday.  The reading log from the previous week is also due every Friday.
  • Below you will find a link to Spelling homework, as well as Book Reports and Reading Logs in the event that your child forgot their work at school:
  •                                                                       Link to *EXTRA COPIES OF CLASS AND HOMEWORK*

Thank you very much for making sure that your child is completing his or her assignments.