We will learn about addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Welcome to our Math site. Please check out the games to the right for some fun math skill games. 

Your 3rd Grader will be using Dream Box to help them advance their math skills. Your student can access it from home by using clever.

Parents: Please read the below Parent Letter so you are aware of  some things that you can do at home to help your student in mah.

More Math games by topic.

Please encourage your child to login to Dreambox with a goal of 60 minutes a week. You can access Dreambox via Clever.

Units will focus on:

Unit 1: Graphing    

Unit 2: Numbers to 1,000     

Unit 3: Equal Groups     

Unit 4: Pieces and Parts (fractions)     

Unit 5: Polygons and Measurement     

Unit 6: Algebra     

Unit 7: Numbers to 100,000     

Unit 8: More Equal Groups

Our current Math curriculum.
PDF 100 chart   --  To help your student with counting
PDF Unit 1: Graphing - Letter Home   --  Please read this letter to get useful at home tips to help your student in our new math unit.