Ms. Katrina Hayek Munsisoumang

In 2014,  I joined the Northrop staff. As a Math Specialist, I have many roles related to math. First, I co-teach in some classrooms. This may be for the entire year, or for a particular unit or concept. Co- teaching means that I plan, instruct, examine data and plan next steps with the classroom teacher. I also teach and coordinate math interventions in grades 3-5. 

Before joining the Northrop statf, I taught middle school mathematics for 14 years, and elementary science for 2 years. I love working with students, and helping them develop mathematical thinking.

Beyond work, I enjoy spending time with my family. We are blessed with three children. We enjoy traveling, the outdoors, movies, and reading together. Gymnastics is also a big part of our family life. 

It is wonderful to be a part of the Northrop community.