Northrop Striving For Equity & Justice (NSEJ)

WHO WE ARE: Parents, staff, and community members connected with Northrop Elementary who want to work collectively to promote social justice within ourselves, our families, and our larger community. 

OUR MISSION: To create a safe space that welcomes parents, students, and staff to further our understanding of our individual racism, prejudice, and privilege as well as our role in maintaining the systems that perpetuate institutional inequities.

GOALS: To work collectively to gather resources, remove barriers, share ideas, seek learning opportunities, and be available to our school to support its efforts to be inclusive and equitable for all students.                                                     

NSEJ meets monthly during the school year. Come to our meetings to share your ideas and resources, learn how you can be involved by joining an Action Team, or come to just listen in. 

 NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 28 from 6-7:30pm in the Media Center, with guest(s) from the Advancing Equity Coalition and Integrated Schools

Meeting Agendas:


Meeting Minutes:


 In March 2019, a group of Northrop staff and parents met on a Saturday to collaborate on setting goals for NSEJ.
Click here to see the results of this Action Planning event.


COMMUNITY EVENTS - group that plans events and activities for students, parents, and the entire Northrop community.  Our events build community, promote conversations about equity and justice, and broaden the range of educational opportunities offered by the school.

STUDENT VOICE FACILITATORS - comprised of adults in the Northrop community who are willing to help facilitate a process where every Northrop student will engage in two or more activities focused on equity and justice during each school year.

VISIBILITY TEAM - works to ensure that all members of the Northrop community are aware of NSEJ, know how to get involved, and have information about upcoming meetings and events.

STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- team that works closely with Principal Woods to provide resources and support for professional development opportunities for Northrop staff related to issues of racial justice and equity.

ORGANIZATIONAL PLANNING - focuses broadly on the group’s structure, administration, and operations. This includes meeting logistics, agenda, documentation, and communication. This team also leads the ongoing work on the mission and vision statements and other organizational foundational pieces.

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