Student Work-Presentations

Student Presentations - PREZI, Etc.

Students create written reports along with the choice of using PREZI, GoogleDocs, or Microsoft Powerpoint as presentation tools.  They then present to their classmates.  Below are links to some of the PREZI, PowerPoint and GoogleDocs presentations made by Room 205 students.


Below are examples of student Biomes of the World GoogleDoc presentations from Winter 2016.

  • Taiga                            Mara, Marta and Nyla
  • Chaparral                    Nathalie and Rose
  • Deserts                        Elijah, Bjorn, Noah and Andy
  • Tropical Rainforest    Mini, Lila, Joel and Laila
  • Chaparral                    Will, Elliott, Franklin and Michael
  • Arctic Tundra              Chloe, Marco and Destiny
  • Tropical Savanna       Dieba, Kena, Jasmine and Mike


Below are examples of student Prezi presentations from the 2015 school year:


Here are other examples of student work from prior years.

Student presentations posted here using PowerPoint are converted to PDF documents, as PowerPoint doesn't easily translate to the Web.  To give a better representation of these presentations,

I've included a sample of Claire, Casandra and Tigist's Temperate Grassland presentation as a Quicktime movie(the small size is due to upload constraints) below:

PDF Taiga - Mara, Marta and Nyla   --  Taiga - Mara, Marta and Nyla
PDF Chaparral - Rose and Nathalie   --  Chaparral - Rose and Nathalie
PDF Chaparral - Will, Elliott, Franklin and Michael   --  Chaparral - Will, Elliott, Franklin and Michael
PDF Tropical Rainforest   --  Tropical Rainforest