Treasurer - Patrick Jackson

PTA Treasurer - Patrick Jackson, wife Sarah and daughter Ella
Updated: August 28, 2018 5:30 PM

Hello Northrop!
My name is Patrick Jackson and I am honored to serve as your PTA Treasurer.  My wife, Sarah and daughter Ella have lived in our Standish-Ericsson Minneapolis neighborhood home - well - Ella's entire life and then some!  (Since 1998.)  Ella is in 4th Grade this year and excited for what lies ahead for her, from school patrol to a camping trip!
I am also looking forward to what lies ahead for PTA.  We are hoping to advance the significant progress we made the past two years and have a visible, lasting impact on Northrop.  The staff here are the BEST.  They are very welcoming, caring and nurturing.  There's no better school for your child to attend.  I am proud to get to work with such professionals.
In my free time, I play (lots of) softball.  My team has finished first in the city of Minneapolis 4 times and has a slew of 2nd place finishes.  I also play golf (anyone wanna give me a lesson?) and enjoy biking with my family.  I also play hockey and ski in the winter.  I work at 3M as a Software Engineer and have experience running and helping others run small businesses - including enough accounting to get by.
You can find me at Northrop dropping off Ella multiple times per week.  Please stop me and say hello!